Music + Commercial


Sound design and music for adfilms (advertisement films) is a crucial aspect of creating impactful and engaging advertisements. Effective sound design can enhance the visual content, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression on the audience. We essentially believe in a collaborative process, and effective communication between the sound designer, director, and the entire creative team to achieve the desired impact in the Adfilm.


Music programming has revolutionized the way music is produced, performed, and distributed, and it plays a significant role in various aspects of the music industry. We at Vistar and Volume studios offer one stop to explore and expand the boundaries of music creation and expression.

Our team of composers, arrangers and engineers are into a wide range of musical styles and genres, from classical and jazz to pop, rock, electronic, and beyond.

Sound Design Montage

Off beat


Carnatic Fusion


Motion Picture Sound Tracks


Audio for trailers plays a crucial role in setting the tone, atmosphere, and emotional impact of the promotional video. The right audio elements, including music, sound effects, voiceovers, and mixing, can elevate the trailer and captivate the audience.
A well-crafted audio experience can significantly enhance the impact of the trailer and contribute to its success in generating excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release


Our studio specializes in different instrumental recordings. We have been hosting drum kit recordings, strings section, multi-tracking and so on. We offer high-quality equipment, acoustically treated rooms, and experienced engineers to ensure the best possible sound quality. Studios can be specialized for various genres, such as rock, pop, electronic, classical, etc.